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Very Rare Globe of Mars by Danish Astronomer Emmy Ingeborg Brun

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Ingeborg Brun was a Danish astronomer and socialist. She was bed-ridden when she made these globes, only ten of these globes are known to be in existence. She was fascinated with the theory that Mars had artificial canals which was originally put forth by the Milanese astronomer Giovanni Schiaparelli in the 1870s. Later this theory was espoused by the American astronomer Percival Lowell who was a great influence on Ingeborg Brun. She created the globe’s surface decoration from Lowell’s maps and sketches. Lowell and Brun believed what they saw as canals were evidence of a race more intelligent then humans and therefore Mars was perhaps a place to find a more utopian society.

Period: 1910s
Condition: Good
Diameter:8 in
Height:16 in