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Monumental Floor Urn by Jais Nielsen

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Monumental floor urn in a deep turquoise glaze with touches of yellow, depicts the myth of ‘Diana and Aktaeon’. In the myth Diana the huntress, hunted by Aktaeon, turns him into a stag whereupon he is attacked and torn apart by his own dogs in a wolf-like frenzy. Jais Nielsen is a well-known Danish artist and sculptor 1885-1961 who designed sculptures and pottery at both Royal Copenhagen Porcelain Factory and K√§hler Keramik Factory. This vase in almost unique as there are only a few in existence, one in the Queen’s Palace at Amelienborg, Copenhagen.

Period: 1930s
Condition: Minor damageGood condition however some damage in that there is an old crack running down one side of the vase
Ref number: P522175
Height:41 in
Diameter:20 in